Shereen Hunte

MA student in Culture, Diaspora and Ethnicity
Birbeck, 2020 to 2022

Shereen Hunte is an MA student in Culture, Diaspora and Ethnicity at Birkbeck College, University of London. Her research will examine the relationship between the Black British Community and the British Jewry. She strongly believes that a deeper insight into these two minorities communities in the UK can spark a powerful mutual understanding, growth and activism and consequently, disrupt the root of racial, cultural and religious intolerance. Thus far, she has completed an assignment on the relationship between the Shoah and other histories of coloniality and genocide. Currently, in her second term, she is undertaking a module on Modern Europe and Its Others: Jew, Muslim, Blacks.

Shereen completed her BA in Italian and Classics from University of Warwick in 2016, specialising in the self-representation of minority communities in both the modern and ancient landscapes of Italy. During her study at the University of Warwick, she spent a year abroad studying at the University of Bologna, Italy.  In 2016, she founded a community group for black women which she continues to lead to this day. Following the completion of her BA, she has spent the last four years in the Museum and Heritage Sector. Currently, she works at the Jewish Museum London and is responsible for the museum’s Black History Programme, community-based exhibitions and delivering school workshops on Judaism, Jewish History and the Holocaust. She also freelances for The Black Curriculum, delivering workshops and supporting their museum partnership programme.

In her spare time, Shereen enjoys painting and writes a blog, based on books and experiences that continue to shape her life.