Salim Aykut Ozturk

Phd in Anthropology
UCL, 2010 to 2013

Aykut is a Phd candidate in anthropology at University College London (UCL). His Phd project focuses on understanding the ways Armenianness and Turkishness are being performed in Turkey. As the aim of the project is to understand the diversities and the contextualities of identity, Aykut aims at portraying the dynamics of the relationships between Turks and Armenians. For this reason, Aykut is going to do fieldwork in Istanbul among Turks, Istanbulite Armenians and the post-Soviet Armenian immigrants from the Republic of Armenia.

Aykut holds an MA degree in Migration and Diaspora Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), where he wrote a theoretical dissertation on the location of ‘diaspora’ in relation to our liberal understanding of public and private spaces. Before coming to SOAS, Aykut did MA in Political Science & International Relations in Bogazici University, where he wrote a thesis on the influence of Palestinian politics on the democratization process of Israel.