Oliwia Berdak

Interdisciplinary PhD
UCL, 2008 to 2011

Oliwia is working as a Research Fellow on the University of Edinburgh project called the Europeanisation of Citizenship in the Successor States of the Former Yugoslavia (CITSEE). She is part of the gender cluster, exploring notions of male citizenship in the former Yugoslavia. Her research investigates how previous conceptions of male citizenship (the right to work and the duty to serve – through conscription) informed expectations of men during the Yugoslav Wars of Succession (1991-1995), and how they continue to position men vis-à-vis the state today.

Oliwia obtained her PhD from University College London in November 2012. Her doctoral research, entitled ‘I Exist, I Belong, I Contribute: The Self and the Collective in Croatian National Discourse’, examined individual participation in nationalism and the re-making of the state in Croatia since 1990. Oliwia has taught on a range of courses, including Politics and Society in Central and Eastern Europe and Nations, Identity and Power in Central and Eastern Europe, receiving in 2012 the UCL Provost’s Teaching Award. Her research interests include notions of citizenship and belonging, gender, political subjectivities and European politics (including post-socialist Europe).