Killian Doherty

PhD in Architecture
UCL, 2014 to 2017

Killian Doherty is a qualified Architect from Northern Ireland. His research interests lie within the exploration of fragmented sites, settlements& cities at specific thresholds of racial, ethnic or religious conflict.For the past 5 years he has worked in sub-saharan Africa on a number of projects contributing to the post-conflict reconstruction of Rwanda, namely a Community Centre for a local football team in Rwanda, who educate youth with a focus on conflict resolution.

Rwanda is still emerging from the effects of the 1994 Genocide, yet underthe trajectory of development many low-income communities remain excluded due to their ethnicity. His PhD thesis questions the role of development within the post-genocidal reconstruction of Rwanda, exploring architectural & participatory design possibilities for community reintegration.

Killian has published papers, exhibits, and lectures on the subject of geo-political territories within South Africa, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Northern Ireland and the USA running a small collaborative practice called ‘Architectural Field Office’ ( This design and research studio focuses on critical community driven issues relating to housing and the city and is currently working on a number of education projects in Sierra Leone.