Ivan Simić

PhD in History
UCL, 2012 to 2015
Ivan Simić is a PhD student at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London. He has finished his MA studies in Modern Global History at Jacobs University Bremen and Universität Bremen. Before that, he had studied history at Belgrade University in Serbia.
His PhD deals with post-war Yugoslav gender policies, under the working title “Soviet Influences on Yugoslav Gender Policies 1945-1955”. It is supervised by prof. Bojan Aleksov and prof. Susan Morrissey. The research looks how gender identities and gender roles were constructed on the level of both abstract models and living practices. It investigates how an ideal woman and man were created, and the contrast between how these new gender roles performed in official discourses and state practices and everyday domestic reality. More specifically, this project analyses Yugoslav institutions, their ideology and practices during the initial period of socialism when many gender models were adopted from the Soviet Union: What it meant to be a socialist man or a woman; how knowledge and practices of difference were provided, legitimated and disseminated; how the institutions have incorporated gender into their assumptions and organizations; how and why sexual minorities were rendered invisible in the official media and ideology and what were the consequences of those practices.