Karen Levy

PhD in Planning Studies
UCL, 2002 to 2003

Karen Levy is the Director of Global Innovation at EvidenceAction. In this role, she leads the organization’s innovation strategy andoversees “Evidence Action Beta”, the department responsible for testing andbuilding a viable path to scale for promising evidence-based interventions.

Previously, Karen served as the Regional Director of Deworm the World,providing technical and strategic support to senior government officials forthe design, implementation, and monitoring of scaled school-based dewormingprograms. Kenya’s National School-Based Deworming Program, which Karen buil tfrom a randomized controlled evaluation to a national program, now reaches over6 million children annually. Karen established Innovations for Poverty Action’scountry office in Kenya and served as Country Director from 2006-2010.

In 1995,Karen co-founded the Tawasal Institute for community development on Kenya’scoast, and was awarded the Echoing Green Fellowship for her leadership as asocial entrepreneur.  She received her PhD from the University of Londonand has lived in Kenya for over 20 years.