David Rypel

MPhil/PhD in Slavonic and East European Studies
UCL, 2020 to 2023

David is an MPhil/PhD student in Slavonic and East European Studies at the University College
London. Building upon his previous ethnographic research about meanings and practices of
everyday security among queer Georgians, he will investigate how their effort to enhance their
feeling of security in a hostile society intersects with belonging.

He understands belonging as a political project which entails drawing boundaries between those who are part of the
collectivity and those who are not. However, there rarely is a consensus as to what these groups
should look like, and so there are negotiations and controversies involved. David’s project will
explore not only why and how such groups are constructed and their boundaries maintained,
but also how discourses and practices of exclusion are challenged. His research will be
ethnographic in nature again and set in several cities across the country.

In 2020, David completed a research MSc in Social Sciences with specialisation in qualitative
methods at the University of Amsterdam. Before that, he received an Mgr degree in Security &
Strategic Studies from Masaryk University. His broader research interests include contests over
norms, social orders in times and spaces of limited statehood, knowledge, and violence.