The Bonnart Trust 16th Anniversary Reception and Lecture by Bharath Ganesh PhD (University College London) University of Oxford

The Trust hosted their annual Reception at the Free Word Centre on 21st November. On this occasion, Dr. Bharath Ganesh (University of Oxford) discussed his PhD research – The Politics of the cipher: hip-hop, antiphony and multiculturalism with Dr. Richard Bramwell (Loughborough University). The discussion centred around the Cipher and the negotiation of identity through rap.

Bharath Ganesh is a researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute focusing on the role of new media in contemporary cultures of hate and intolerance. His work draws on cultural geography, media studies and politics.  He completed his PhD in Geography at University College London in 2017.

Richard Bramwell was awarded a PhD in Sociology by the London School of Economics and Political Science.  His interests are focused primarily around black British vernacular and popular culture.  His book, “UK Hip-Hop, Grime and the City” examines the aesthetic, cultural and commercial practises of black and white working class youths in London.

The report can be downloaded here