The Trust was established by Freddy Bonnart-Braunthal in 2002. You can read a one-page summary of how the Trust came to be established here.

The purpose of The Bonnart Trust is to “establish and maintain scholarships at universities in the United Kingdom for research at the postgraduate level into the nature of racial, religious and cultural intolerance with a view to finding a means to combat it”.


Vision and Mission

The Trust’s vision is to contribute to a tolerant and inclusive society in which people of all ethnicities, religions and cultures live together with mutual understanding, and respect the rights of the individual. Following its founder’s wishes, the Trust supports postgraduate researchers at UK universities.

The founder’s intention, and ours, is that the work of the Scholars be at the heart of subsequent action towards achieving the Trust’s vision. To that end we encourage and support the Scholars, from the early stages of their studies, to engage with a wide range of audiences inside as well as outside academia.



The Trust wishes to encourage the development of the network of past and present FBB Scholars who will, via social media and other means, be able to share ideas and experience, in particular about the challenges of, and opportunities for, finding ways to combat intolerance. This was central to the vision of the Founder of the Trust. As part of our support for this network the Trust hosts an annual reception to which past and present Scholars, key academics and others with an interest in this field, together with trustees, are invited. This provides an opportunity to hear about the work of some of the Scholars through presentations and informal discussions.


Trust Scholarships

From 2002 to 2015/2016, the Trust supported 24 scholars studying for PhDs at University College London and the London School of Economics and Political Science. From autumn 2016 the Trust will support post-graduate students at Birkbeck College, University of London.

Beneficiaries are selected and scholarships administered by Birkbeck College from whom more information can be obtained. Details of how to apply can be found by clicking here. Applications for the academic year starting in October 2019 have now closed.

We will maintain our relationships with the LSE and UCL as students currently funded continue with their research.


Endowment Scholarships

Separately from The Bonnart Trust, in 2000 Freddy Bonnart-Braunthal endowed a scholarship in his name at UCL. This has the same broad purposes as The Bonnart Trust and is administered independently by UCL. Information can be found here. Since 2000, nine Scholars have been funded through this separate endowment. The Trustees of The Bonnart Trust maintain a close interest in this Scholarship, with the support of UCL, and Scholars who have benefited from the UCL scholarship are encouraged to become part of the Bonnart Trust network.



The Trust is a registered UK Charity and is administered by five volunteer Trustees.